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Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~ is pretty intense. It has a loli elf getting DP’d by minotaurs with cocks comparable to fire-hydrants, and a bunch of nuns getting raped by wolves and Imps. I can’t really remember if there is any consensual sex in this one, that doesn’t involve mind-broken victims anyway. It really makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with Japan.

se: what is wrong with japan?

absolutely nothing.

lewdwig-fan-beefoven asked:

you shits and your casual fetishes, I bet you never even jerked it to two women shitting into each others' asses

I have no qualms about being a casual about this. :(

Sometimes I just like an appealing style with animoo porn comics, I don’t need them to be ripping each other’s assholes open with spiked tentacle cocks, sometimes I just like a cute girl getting fucked retarded like the stupid inferior creature that she is and punched in the face and karate chopped in the throat and kicked in the stomach.

Australia hates flat-chested women so much it made them illegal. Anyone who hates flat women is probably Australian. That anon must be Australian. No wonder he’s such an awful person.


Anonymous asked:

The only good loli is oppai loli. Jap cartoons without huge tits is a complete waste. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.


searched my feelings. it’s not true. fuck off.

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