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"Also before every Laily fight, she has to strip naked in order to turn wolf, so the reader gets to ogle the curves of her nice big titties and sexy ass body." 10/10 would patreon maybe.

Clearly I know the secrets to writing good comics.

I mean that’s why we got all these followers, after all. 8)

I am sorry, SWC. I submitted that stupidly long post earlier today and I accidentally switched Baatezu and Tanar’ri. My shame knows no limit. I have failed this blog ;_;

I guess that’s bad.

That Shitpacked guy doesn’t draw porn; that suggests some sort of eroticism or titillation. What he does is draw his flat, dish-faced, googly-eyed sockpuppets being weird at each other. And from the way he draws his male characters I’m not even sure if he has a cock.

He does have a cock but it’s being kept in his fat unfuckable sow wife’s purse.

The big guy ripping the loli in half sounds suspiciously like Dave Cheung’s faggot shit. Now, on one hand I’m all for making tumblr faggots want to kill themselves, but on the other hand, I’d hate to see the impeccable bastion of SWC be tainted by an association with that sliteye motherfucker.

We’re going to show dave cheung how it’s supposed to be done.

I wonder if Willis has seen the censored versions of his porn comics.

They were posted to our blog, so yes.

Is the way u act on this blog the way u act in real life?

Not necessarily.

It’s how I legitimately think, but in meatspace I tend to keep my thoughts to myself.

Turns out a Syrian defector just escaped the country with a stack of photographs of Assad’s death camp torture victims. Yet another nation ruled by the Religion of Peace behaving like they’re emulating the teachings a medieval warlord, what on earth could be the cause of it? D:

I hope we find out the answers!


Anonymous asked:

I think that if you want to rustle the cultural appropiation jimmies, you gotta give her traits that doesnt fit her race at all. Positive ones. The obvious choice is to give her the positive traits of the best country ever: America.

I would if that wasn’t antithetical to the inherent nature of writing.


Anonymous asked:

>gleeful cultural appropriation DUDE just have her blabber about those persian roots of her name every time she meets someone new or some shit. Maybe add something about eating curry, doing parkour and being poor (I don't know much about racist persian stereotypes ;c )

I don’t want to make her an annoying character.

Easier to just give those qualities to someone who gets decapitated.


Here’s the pitch.

Kill Everything is an open source comic with art by readers and fans.  It’s a satirical take on arena-battle manga, with a female protagonist of color POC WOC whatever, who kicks everyone’s ass and is mary sue as fuck, to sucker in the social justice types who say there needs to be “better representation” of such and such.

And then the comic will be full of hot nudity and objectification and massive violence where girls get torn apart like fresh bread in the arena by giant beefy dudes.  The main gril, Laily, is a werewolf who strips off that patchwork suit so she’s butt ass naked every time before she wolfs out (she will be one of the few ladies who DOESN’T get torn apart like fresh bread).  So there’s lots of fetishization of her delicious brown skin.  The only thing I’m missing is gleeful cultural appropriation, but I’ll try to get that into the comic later, if this gets that far.

The satire goes beyond just that basic bait-and-switch premise, of course, as you can see from the first chapter script if interested.

In order to help this comic go anywhere it needs to get posted around, so this is the call going out to help plug this comic anywhere you can, if you’re up for that sort of thing.  I would greatly appreciate any fans helping to spread the word and potentially bringing in artists who might be interested in this project.

(PS art in this post is by Tenk, Forge, and Tamyra respectively, previously commissioned.)




Every now and then I get into a situation where someone says “you wanna go, you fuckin faggot?” And everytime I say “yeah, and afterwards you can tell your friends some ‘fuckin faggot’ kicked the shit out of you.”

Please stop using that word to convey annoyance at someone who believes differently than you. It’s not only unnecessary and completely unrelated to gun control, it is also a step backward and another slap in the face to gun owners who believe in human rights as a whole.

ok that’s nice faggot.

hey there little whiny faggot. did you make sure to take your shot of AZT today, faggot?

MOD 1:  Don’t be a faggot about the word “faggot.”

Also making up obviously fake little tumblr stories for your point is like sooooooo totally 2011.

Telling people to “stop using that word” just makes you a faggot.

it should be illegal to be this based, SWC.

This person makes a pretty good point.

Incredibly, GamerGate Is Winning - But You Won't Read that Anywhere In the Terrified Liberal Media

The basic based truth laid out, impossible to ignore.  Yes, it’s political, liberals are inherently against gamergate because liberal ideology is inherently pro-feminist anti-equality pro-power for their side.

You don’t have to be right wing or conservative or christian to be on the side of freedom of speech.  You don’t have to be on the side of Breitbart or conservatives or Adam Baldwin.

You just have to want video games and not want other people’s politics shoehorned into video games.  If you’re in favor of true freedom of speech, you are inherently pro-gamergate whether you like it or not.

Meanwhile an ask we got:

Not to tell you glorious faggots how to run your illustrious shithole, but this should have been reblogged by you by now [link to some shitlib dumb post trying to say both sides are guilty of harassment]


se: as for the link in the ask we got, I had to stop reading it when the asswipe called out robin thicke of all people because they seriously believe he supports rape culture.

the crux of the matter, and the reason I could not be bothered a fuck to read the whole post, was that they were basically bitter and angry over the fact that their fellow shitlibs torpedoed their personal game project. societal misandry and the vilification of males who enjoy video games did not matter at all to them, until it bit them in the ass. they are literally nothing but feminists who suddenly do a heel turn when their own son gets falsely accused of rape in college and realize that their own stupid ideology has come back to haunt them.

so go ahead and support gamergate for whatever reason you choose, but do not expect a backpat from me when you spent the last 20 years shitting on the industry and the fanbase because they don’t obey your politically correct dogma.

MOD 1 AGAIN:  Not that we’re conservatives, but they say that a conservative is just a liberal who has been mugged.

(By reality.)

The point is that when your own political ideology turns against you, it’s time for you to realize that political ideology was never the answer in the first place.



American feminism in a nutshell.

(PS jonathan mcintosh is anita sarkeesian’s writer/producer.)

That’s a parody account of him. Should probably mention it, even if it’s similar to the crap he spouts on a daily basis.

the only difference between a parody of feminism and actual feminism:

real feminists are not so brazen in openly stating their true beliefs.

MOD 1:  Actually no, feminists still openly say things like this.

This may not be the real guy’s account, but this is still identical to what feminists believe, so it’s not technically a parody.




Preparing to wear this to school tomorrow, the signs on a t shirt and finger tip length Nike shorts (not allowed at my school)

Lol why are American feminists so fucking dumb. Oh yes so oppressed because I can’t wear pretty short shorts. You know over here in the UK you have to wear a uniform and you follow the dress code or you will get removed from the class and repeated violations will result in suspension. This meant at school I could not dye my hair any ‘unnatural’ colours a girl did and got made to dye it out straight away. They were less strict on cracking down on make up or naul varnish but I remember in the younger years getting sent to the nurse to remove my nail polish. 

At the end of the day if you went to work at a company they have strict guidelines about what you can andcannot wear. You also have restrictions on dying your hair, piercings covering up tattoos all these things now some places they are less strict others stricter depending on which kind of business environment you go into. 

Our school personally believed at 6th form which is one of the only times places allow you to come in in non school uniform except ours said to wear business suits. Because it was meant to prepare us for if we ever got office jobs or high up corporate jobs or just you know for when you go to interviews you are expected to dress smart etc. 

My question to you is. You are a lucky bitch you even get to wear non uniform as it is. You are going into an environment and if you ever get a job you would NOT dare do anything like this why is a school any different to a work environment? It is meant to be preparing you to go out into the world and get a job. In which you have to follow rules and regulations to keep said job. If you cannot follow one simple fucking rule and want to act like a snarky privileged uptight first world problems basic bitch then what are you gonna do when you want to get a job? Cos no one is gonna employ you if you can’t dress appropriately for the work place. 

This is not edgy and cool and wow fight the patriarchy those evil bastards. Realistically you would never be allowed to wear that in a job unless you were a fitness or PE instructor/teacher. If you go to an institution and you are a child you follow their rules. What the fuck is wrong with your parents to allow this.  Never mind women who have no rights over their bodies never mind women under rule of sharia law I need feminism because I can’t handle reasonable rules and regulations that a school has EVERY RIGHT to put in place. 

Get over yourself as I said most countries have uniforms for a reason if you cannot understand why we have these rules and why they are put in place then you are stupid.and are gonna struggle to get a job if you do not understand why certain clothes are not acceptable within certain environments.

^ yes

they don’t want equality.

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