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Anonymous asked:

it's a good thing cool mod is being a man about people rejecting his comic. otherwise he'd be a massive hypocrite, and a faggot. although he's a faggot regardless. HEH

Cool Mod: There’s nothing more arrogant that expecting people to love what you made because you made it.

 ”You are not permitted to interpret my ideas negatively!!!”

Same guy here, what did Dave Willis do that is offensive? I know that he is a blob of meat, and also ignite a terrorist attack in boston, probably.

 He makes comics where the bad guys all retarded fools who represent opinions he disagrees with, then he heroically beats them with his own superior opinions in the comic. The technique is called “Strawman” and it’s how dipshits try to get their points across.


Anonymous asked:

I gotta ask you, what are each character from the comic based off of? I know that the princess is Kate Leth, but yeah.

Cool Mod: There’s only alluded characters so far… Playboy Cephalus is Diaz, Lacey Smuggington is the black female talkbox used to represent Dave Willis. Trolly is just some troll.

 The nerds on the mountain are originals, as are Becky and Spencer.


Anonymous asked:

Get off 4chan you faggots and start delivering some OC

Cool Mod: Cut me some slack, the last time I seriously posted there…


holy shit… like 2010?

 I liked seeing the flatline rejections of PHG though, when you can figure out the context of dislike it’s ultra educational. In another webcomic forum’s case, the content just fucking FLIES over their heads, but with 4chons it was mostly rejection of the general concept, which means it’s just their proclivities clouding their opinions, which means they may one day come to like it.


Anonymous asked:

Anita is losing steam. The days of hitting over a million or close to it are over. A couple days in and only a little over 76,000. Compared to a dunderhead like Markiplier, whose own hugbox "ur awesome people thanx for watching my vid :3" videos net at least over 300k in a mere -hour-, plus the fact that despite being a spaz still -does- something positive leads me to believe that people are tired of hearing this shit, and as well they should be.

exactly as it should be.

that’s the problem with making shitty agitprop clickbait. if you wear out your gimmick, you can’t expect us to keep coming back around.


Anonymous asked:

TMI Tuesday: Cool Mod: What's it like showing one face to the internet and your naked soul to SWC? Does it make you want to whomp and stomp on someone and bite off their ear? Perhaps Hairy Neck Mod?

 Cool Mod: I wasn’t any different before SWC. I just choose to put all my opinions here now because I have kind and gentle friends, friends whom I see as people, and who don’t deserve to be beaten like dogs.

 Those friends never could comprehend what I’m doing here. They don’t understand why I have to say and do mean things to people.







omg can just I express how much I HATE these posts?

  1. Reblogging this post won’t change the fact that 17 teens commit suicide every day. 
  2. Not reblogging doesn’t mean you’re heartless, it just means you know this post is meaningless and don’t want to bother with it.
  3. Guilt trip posts are the worst posts on Tumblr.
  4. It degenerates into an endless circlejerk of “I CARE!!!” and becomes more of a trend than anything else (this post has over 600,000 notes)

Posts like these are everywhere (reblog if you hate cancer, reblog if you aren’t homophobic, blah blah blah). They’re so stupid and pointless. Of course anyone who isn’t a sociopath cares!

I’m not trying to guilt the people who do reblog these, but for the love of all things good and holy, don’t try to shame people into reblogging a silly little post that won’t actually change anything (“REBLOG IF U HAVE A HEART,” “IF YOU DON’T REBLOG THIS THAN UNFOLLOW ME RIGHT NOW,” “ONLY A MONSTER WOULDN’T REBLOG THIS”).

This needs more notes

Tumblr is getting as bad as Facebook with this problem.

Holy shit yes,  I have told off several people for the same reason, I usually never get a response back from these guilt trippers but don’t ever GUILT TRIP someone into reblogging your posts.

May I also add in the “If this post gets XXXX amount of notes…” posts that are so obviously fake and only made to gain attention? I’m sure your mom totally cares about how many notes you get. Shut the fuck up.

This is like chain letters but more obnoxious IMO. It uses guilt to make you do what it wants whereas chain letters generally threaten that bad things will happen to you if you break the chain yadda yadda.

girls and manginas are the only people who do this shit. moom and grandma used to answer chain letters back when they did them in the real mail.

I do think it’s quite hilarious to see one of these posts basically bullying people into reblogging a post that claims to be against bullying.

also, unless today is some special day about bullying, I am absolutely certain that figure is false. there might be 17 teen suicides per day, but they don’t prove it’s from bullying.

sunnysidethepegasus asked:

why are you so bald?

we drink hair poison.

Did you fap to the Kate Leth nude pics?


You ever done anal?


Dick sizes?


Have you ever held in your poops for so long that they go hard, then stuck your finger in your butt and pulled out each little poop nugget?


Oh! TMI Tuesday! In that case, how long did the shame of furfaggotry take to leave MOD 1, or does it linger still, like the bitter bite of a Belgian IPA?


MOD 1:  The shame of furfaggotry never leaves, it’s like herpes, you keep it forever.

I’m still all deep in the furfag world and I got to say it doesn’t feel very good. ^_^

But that’s another story.  Fuck, that’s a book worth of stories.

TMI Tuesday, to se mod: What was it like sleeping in the same room as someone with as many sexual hangups as MOD 1?

it never came up.

you guys enjoying tmi tuesday?

MOD 1:  We didn’t just sleep in the same room, we slept in the same bed.

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