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Anonymous asked:

Ånon here. You guys should start a Kickstarter the fund getting a booth at a comics convention plus airfare and shit. I would have no issues throwing down dollars for that.

We’re going to start a patreon for Princess Highground soon.

You can use your money for that.

Make sure you spread the word.

l0kiiceplus asked:

As of the events in the PHG-comic, has Crime Becky stopped doing, well, crime? Did she escape the Boner Police, or did she get thrown into Boner Jail (where there's a lot more soap-dropping, if one can believe such a thing)? If so, did she escape eventually or did she just serve her time in prison?


 Continuity is overrated, and the boner police has to be the absolute dumbest concept I ever came up with… But that being said, have patience, now that I see people actually seem to care about police who have boners, I might just have to do some elaboration.

Love the edits you’ve made. It’s almost as though its all one seemless narrative and not a bunch of disjointed single-page comics made over the course of several months with sporadic gaps of time in between.

 I’m glad someone actually bothered to read them! You guys are the best most patient readers ever.

Are you going to put the original comics PH is parodying for context (for example, that Princess goes to a party is a direct takeoff of a Kate Legh strip)?


Crime Becky is fucking hot. The thirst is real.

I transplanted this ask from SWC. And it’s because of the baseball shirt. If it were practical to put every girl character in a baseball shirt I’d do it.





Write it down in your calendar, and take your wallet to therapy, cuz KENNO-CON is coming!

I might or might not apply cooldowns on clients that get slots, depending on attendance. 

As usual, take a good look at the rules so you know how these streams work!

Here’s my picarto channel where everything will happen, feel free to follow:

 I’ll reblog this announcement once a week until the event day. Cya there!

2 weeks! 

1 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

this is happening TOMORROW! IS YOUR BODY READY?


As I was waiting for my ride today coming home from the academic center at my university, I was looking at a cube-shaped cork board full of advertisements and notices. I walked around the back (the side no one can see) and I noticed this sign, drawing attention to eating disorder statistics among males. Having many male friends with eating disorders, I subconsciously decided that this was more important than any awards show going on in April.

I removed the thumb-tack from the top of the poster and I held the sheet out to read it for just a moment. At that second, a woman with a slight Jamaican accent walked into the building and addressed me. Our conversation went a bit like this:

"Are you taking our signs down?"
"No, no, ma’am, I’m putting this one back up. I moved it."
"What’s that one about, then?"
"Oh, it’s statistics about males with eating disorders. It was in the back."
"Boys with eating disorders? You mean boys don’t eat?"

At this point I was sort of appalled that she was so oblivious to the fact that boys suffer, too.

"Yeah," I said. "Some boys eat too much, others don’t eat nearly enough."
"Oh, really?"
"Yes. I felt that this poster shouldn’t be hidden in the back of the others. This is something that needs drawn attention to. People don’t normally associate eating disorders or self-injury with males, but it’s there and it’s happening, and more people need to see this. I want others to be aware."

She looked at me for a moment, smiled, and simply said, “Thank you.” I glanced up just in time to see the security guard standing near me smiling at me, too. He placed his hands behind his back, smiled, and just nodded.

Boys suffer, too. Eating disorders are a real epidemic, and they affect, both, girls and boys. Stay strong guys, because there are people looking out for you, too. ♡


Anonymous asked:

When you say "I’d also need full discretion to only answer the ones I wanted" I sure hope you mean "none of them." I totally agree on the strict no-roleplay policy, what the hell is wrong with these people?


 They are excited. Are you not excited???

 I’m excited.

 Everyone gets weird when they are excited. That’s actually why I had to edit a few of the older strips. Because I got excited and that made me stupid.

Also, when looking through the archives to make sure that Jacques really did think other people believed romantic comedies are realistic, I came across this. It’s two comics that come right next to each other. Either Jacques has extreme ADHD and completely forgot how the previous comic ended, or he messed up and made the “Fay shouts at Hannelore” comic a page later than it should’ve been.

And that is why you keep a buffer on your comics. So that if you mess up, you can go back and make changes. And not have your characters have 5 second mood changes.

Dave Willis made this.


Oh. No wait. Oooooooooh, look at that shading! Do you see it? Look at the back of the girl with Willis’s head.


Despite drawing cartoons for 17 years now, Willis’s art is still so atrociously bad that he still thinks people’s backs are just always in the shade! There is no way, not a single way, that that shading makes even the tiniest bit of sense!

That is truly outstanding.


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but I don't think that George Carlin is all that great. For instance, I feel his "7 words you cant say on tv" is pretty weak. If he was so brave, why didn't he also say nigger and faggot? Because fighting for the right to say those words would insult his liberal audience. If he said those words in his list, he would be called a racist and homophobe, and cry like a pussy on tv apologizing for his remark.

You could say nigger and faggot on TV back then.  All in the Family and Saturday Night Live did.


Anonymous asked:

Something you guys said got me thinking: you were right, the Internet Golden Age seemed to last from about 2005-2012, nobody was worried about being PC or saying the wrong opinion, unless you simply made a fool of yourself. What changed? AFAIK these tumbltards already existed on Livejournal, but what caused this aggressive campaign on cracking down on free speech? Why do we now need to self-censor and walk on eggshells?

Obama was reelected in 2012.


Anonymous asked:

I've been reading the word "compartmentalizing" in many SJW places (kate Leth's, the breakfast rape comic, etc) What the fuck is compartmentalizing?

It’s like something a serial killer might do, where they carve someone’s body into pieces, then walk right out and have a completely serious mundane conversation with you, and you’d have no idea they just murdered someone.

They take that intense emotion and put it in a mental compartment where it doesn’t affect their following interactions.


Anonymous asked:

That Doug Stanhope podcast was triggering for me: it triggered my prostate like a street sweeper.

I posted it without even listening to the whole thing, then I listened to the rest and it only makes me want to reblog it from ourselves over and over again.

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