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Anonymous asked:

If one is receiving rape or death threats, why not ring the police, if one is so against using violence themselves? Usually the police will investigate the claim, even a little, unless one has a bad reputation with them. If that is the problem, then there are shelters, the Samaritans, and other charity organisations that should be able to help someone in danger of rape; if one can take the threats so seriously why not do something about them, rather than making long blog posts about?

what the fuck kind of spineless pussy would call the police because someone on the internet made a rape threat?



"Very important. General rule for English speakers - if you don’t do it in the human context, don’t do it in the nonhuman context.

Just make a little effort to say “she or he” or “her or him” if you don’t know the sex. It’s a little effort with a very important social message.

Nonhuman animals are *persons*, not *things*. Therefore, we should refer to a nonhuman animal as a “she” or “he,” never as an “it.””



Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment

The links to context quickly slog down into a Slaughtermatic level of subargments upon subargments and trying to figure out who said what about what and who cares, and pretty much all of the complaints could be solved by not reading superhero comics anymore, because apparently the problem with a superhero comic cover is that some girl’s tits are not of a realistic size.

Still have to laugh that American comics keeps getting hammered for this, while Japanese comics remain immune.  Oh no a teenage girl with big tits on a comic cover.  Meanwhile in Japan they’ve already moved on to prepubescent girls with big tits.

Further down the post, there’s a corollary drawn from “titgate” to guys sending women rape threats over the internet.  It’s pretty weak but I guess the article needed some sort of justification to tie it all together.  It tries to offer a solution to anonymous internet rape threats that’s pretty weak too, which is “if you know someone doing it, you should try to stop them or call them out on it.”

Personally, if I felt like someone was SERIOUSLY threatening me (and if it’s anonymously over the internet, I don’t know how seriously I’d take it, but if anything I revel in getting anonymous threats) I would take steps to protect myself.  That’s the freedom of anarchy, someone could just run around shooting people.  Gun up and defend yourself.  Oh that’s right, they don’t want guns to be legal.

se: this article would be no different if it accused female comic book readers of infanticide at comicon.


It’s because he is a bad writer.

He’s a middling nobody, who will never become anything.  He’s carlos mencia, or joe piscopo, or howie mandel.  He’ll never accomplish anything or create anything memorable or influential to anyone.  He will simply exist, sitting there like a clump of dog shit on a carpet, until he is eventually gone.  He drifted through much of his career, with no plan or agenda… going from one webcomic page to the next, never seizing the opportunities that presented themselves.  He never kept that comic that alienated some hypersensitive bitchy fans.  He never challenged his readers by making comics he knew could be risky.  He just kept pumping out “yelling bird” strips.  And no one ever offered him a comic job. He learned to play it safe.  And he never, ever got noticed by anyone.

Nice Mod: According to Jeph, “She yelled so hard Faye sobered up and Angus didnt need glasses anymore.” Looks to me like also Marten’s mom had the greatest orgasm of her life, and Marten is now permanently deaf. In other words, all four of them have had all their problems solved.


Anonymous asked:

Whoa, do you guys know Bogleech, or are you just constantly on the lookout for offensive webcomics to post? Of course, that one was from his earliest years on the internet and by now he's quite different, but you probably knew that.

That was a user submitted post.  I’ve never heard of the guy.

I was wondering when Bogleech would come up in this blog. You know he’s a hardcore SJW, right?

See above.

Honestly, I feel like Megatokyo is what Peepo Choo would be if it was more about catering to weebs and less about how idiotic weebs expectations of Japan are.

Peepo Choo isn’t nearly negative enough for my tastes.

I could do that comic better.

That “most likely to die” post makes me wonder: how often is the “black dude dies first” thing actually invoked? I hear people say it always happens, but at the top of my head I can only think of a handful of movie where a black guy’s the first to die. Is this just a thing where a black guy died first once or twice, but it got blown out of proportion so everyone says it always happens?

It does still happen on occasion.  It’s not quite common, but it probably would be common still if it didn’t become a meme.

se: basically, not since the end of the 80s.

The most disappointing thing about anime is that you can’t even enjoy them in spite of the plot because the fight scenes don’t even look like fight scenes. Half of the time it’s just energy/air blasts or sword swipes that cut stuff without making contact or cuts between faces while yelling. Even if Family Guy is absolute shit its fight scenes look like they hurt and the characters look like shit after a fight, they don’t just have elegant blood streaks.

Here’s what disappoints me about anime, it takes a premise with tons of potential (usually for exploitation, but I have no problem with that), and then has nothing happen.  Then all of these teenage faggots watch it and act like their minds were blown by the incredible depth and beauty about A ROBOT CAN FEEL EMOTIONS or some dumb fucking shit like that.

Im sure you have mentioned this before, but I cant get over how shitty the art of Questionable Content is. Everyone’s face looks the same, there are maybe three poses the dude uses, and the only difference I ever see in the expressions is when one of the characters is “rolling their eyes” or something.

We may have said something about it, yes.

I seriously do not get what makes Jerk City funny. At first look it just seems like LOL SO RANDUM! Please explain why Jerk City is so awesome, I’m too dumb to see it myself.

Because it’s nothing like “lol so randum” stuff.  If you can’t tell the difference between that and Jerkcity, then you have to learn.  Widen your gaze.  Perceive.  Begin to perceive on a level that you previously were incapable of.

Those Star Trek edits are at least partially Andrew Hussie. They were a collaboration between him and someone named Jan Van den Hemel. Hussie wrote the scripts and den Hemel did the video editing. Some are on the Youtube “andrewhussie” channel, the others are on “gazorra”. But they stopped making them years ago around the same time the MSPA thing took off.
Just another reason why homestuck can go all to blazes.
lol I gotta ask, what’s with all the muslim stuff?
This sure is a dated ask now.
I like how the Penny Arcade faggots never specify which edition or setting of D&D they are playing. Normally I would chalk it up to not wanting to endure grognards starting an edition war on the forums, but it’s the PA guys, I know better. They never specify because they don’t know shit about D&D beyond the superficial basics any other schmuck would know. Pig and Bald are Fake and Gay (tm)
Fake geek guys.
Is tatsuya not making fluff comics (Lord knows he does that 4 times a week at least) on current world events like he used to because he wants to concentrate in fleshing out his world or is he just too stupid to make a witty observation (regardless of how biased it is) on any political hot topic (Crimea, etc)?
I have no idea, I just know that his view of current world events was so shallow that he knew nothing about any of them.  In other words, average political minded person.
He can’t figure out any current even that isn’t shot through the prism of “obama is the coolest pimp daddy president!”  Because now he portrays America as Uncle Sam who is ADDICTED TO PORN AND BOMBS AND WAR conveniently sidestepping the fact that Barack Obama is actually president right now, right this second, and is making those decisions that tatsuya wants to apparently criticize.
It’s moral relativism, and tatsuya is as guilty of it as he is of (allegedly) fucking children.
And remember folks, liking JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, to include the new anime, will make you a flaming homosexual. :D
So will most anime.
I know you don’t like video submissions, but there are some interviews on YouTube with Hal Robins talking about Jack Chick and Mister A. Robins is the voice of Dr. Kleiner in Half-Life 2, and an accomplished underground comix artist. Just search Hal Robins + Jack Chick or Mister A on YouTube, maybe it’s useful to you, maybe not.
What’s worse than the anime creators saying “Violence is bad” then showing a shit ton of violence is when the peace loving protagonist murders a shit ton of people, and acts like nothing happened. 99% of anime will have a murdering protagonist act like it’s nothing, and the 1% that shows psychological damage because of killing will be hated by fans for making sense. Anime is the lowest form of media for the lowest form of people, fact.
Murder is wrong, unless it’s against Chinese or Koreans because they are not human beings.

Anonymous asked:

Do you guys have an imgur link to the new shortpacked porno? Google's being a bitch today.

Some other ask sent us this link and I didn’t post it.

In this comic: MegaTokyo’s artist pretends that his art has differed at all since the early days, accidentally inserts a character representation of The Internet’s Opinion.

Actually, while we’re on the topic of MegaTokyo’s past, honest confession: I rather enjoyed MegaTokyo back in the day. It’s easy to look at the early comics now and think “God, this is like something stragiht out of a weeaboo Tumblr blog”, but the whole “What if Japan really was like how weeaboo kiddies imagined it” was actually somewhat novel at the time. And sure, the jokes themselves were lame, but only to our finely-tuned adult opinions (obviously correct). Which is to say, they were actually pretty funny to kid me. Plus, the whole two-genres-in-a-single-story thing was *really* well done.

'Course, that's all gone now. At this point, it's not about a parody of videogame forum weeaboo nonsense anymore, it doesn't do jokes at all, Largo’s side of the story is far less entertaining without the actual Largo to write it, and it’s basically just become a pure slice of life animewebcomic with surreal stuff thrown in. Which has never worked in the history of slice of life anything.

Incidentally, I’d contest the popular opinion that MegaTokyo got worse because one of the writers quit. It’d presumably be better, but you could tell that towards the end of Largo’s webcomic career that they were plain ol’ running out of ideas. (Not to be confused with his political career. The guy’s a ridiculously bad politician!)

Oh hey! Look, things that would actually care if you weren’t around anymore! Why didn’t you think of these guys when you were talking to Mo’

In fact, why don’t you think about that day, maybe this can actually give you some reflection. You took an unscheduled and unasked personal day without telling anyone at your job. You didn’t get in trouble because Blue took over your duties today, even though it was her day off. Your lack of responsibility gave you a day off, but screwed over someone else. While I admit taking some personal time is great, you do have a job and should take responsibility to do it correctly and at least have the decency to inform people and get permission.

Don’t let Mo’ influence you, she has no job and only does club showing, and while that apparently gives her enough to somehow survive, we see that when devil girls don’t work at the mansion, all the work they can get is on the “sex market”.

MOD 1:  Can anyone even name a male/female relationship in sinfest?

No, you can’t.  Because the author of sinfest doesn’t know what one would look like anymore.  He doesn’t have one himself, and his feminist doctrine doesn’t believe in them anyway.




If you’re white, please DO NOT breed with other white people, you only will perpetuate racism and oppression.

Is this person for real?

I’ll ‘breed’ with whoever the fuck I want, thank you very much.

If you’re not white, please DO NOT breed with anyone, you only will create more little bitches and cry babies for tumblr.

image Sarcastic insult aside. Idc what color you are. Just don’t be a cunt.

  • Tumblr Feminists:

    Oh my god, Can you not? It's totally unnecessary for Wonder Woman to have her cleavage show in this comic, how misogynistic. And seriously, look how naked they had to get that girl for the ad, so oppressive. Look how all these oppressed women fit fascist beauty standards!

  • Tumblr Feminists:

    OMG MISHA COLLINS IN UNDERWEAR UNF UNF UNF!!!!! oooh, look, a bunch of naked guys selling glasses, I'm buying! Oh my god, look at Hiddles, look at all the shirtless fit men!

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