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I don’t think that word means what you think it means…

Do we have to explain to you why the prices are different? Do you not understand the commentary being made here?

>I am a libtard that still believes in the wage gap!

is the message I’m getting

Just a reminder:

"The Wage Gap"

Variety of other sources:


(44/56)*100 = 78% hours worked

I’m curious what do y’all think. Do your best to not be offended. Please note I have not, and care not to do research on the subject. This does not reflect my exact views on the subject.

you don’t want to know what I think, because it will make you cry.

MOD 1:  Liberals are embarrassingly stupid.

They openly believe in debunked myths.

They’re basically like traditional religious conservatives.


Anonymous asked:

what purpose does this comic actually even serve


 This is an evocative question.

 I’d say that it serves as an absurdist documentary to the catastrophic resonance cascade of psychological damages produced by modern society’s overemphasis on self-involvement and the single-minded worship of ideologies over rationality.

 It’s also to make fun of people on the internet. Sort of

 But I’d say it’s more to make fun of what they represent, by tying their caricatures into a universe that enables me to characterize all of their subtler tendencies, (as demonstrated through their statements and actions.)



My Dark Secret: I actually kind of like Princess Highground.

Cool Mod has said that the selection tool being visible was a joke that misfired, and has even taken responsibility:

Rule zero for art: If someone doesn’t get it they don’t get it, and it’s my fault. It’s irresponsible and lazy for me to have not taken every effort to clue in the viewer on such an obtuse concept. That’s why I keep saying that art is HARD. It should be a simple joy for the reader to read something, not a grueling visual gauntlet.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s your fault if “someone” doesn’t get it, not everyone will get every concept no matter how clear, unless you literally have liner notes explaining everything. (I’ve half-seriously considered putting such notes in later FCA strips to explain references and such, but decided that was stupid and I should work on making it clear through context instead. Also: Holy shit FCA is like three weeks from launch I need to write more scripts have have the site ready), but it probably is your fault if most people don’t get it. Which may be fine, too, if you’re trying to be niche. Awkward Zombie has to explain it’s jokes a lot, but that’s because it doesn’t go for the obvious ones.

But, it admitting that the concept was wildly unclear, Cool Mod didn’t actually explain what the concept was actually supposed to be, and now I’m curious. The most obvious interpretation is a “bad art” joke, but the characters in Princess Highground look fine. The backgrounds are mostly nonexistant, but this box is about Becky. Is the joke that he drew her straight and used the MS Paint Skew tool to get her slanted? That doesn’t make sense, she’s not malformed. Is this an art joke non-artists like me won’t get?

Any ideas? I suppose I could just ask Cool Mod, since I don’t think he’s the dude at SW who hates me, but I kind of want to come to an interpretation, rather than an explanation.

 Cool Mod: For the first time in my life, right this very second, I just searched the Princess Highground tag to find out if people were talking about my comic and found this.

 Anyways, I don’t remember why I hate you so maybe we can start over and be friends. But I’m too busy to properly maintain friendships so maybe not.

 Anyway, The joke was that Becky was leaning away from Princess in a meta-exaggerated fashion. She be leanin’ so hard I had to use the skew tool. It is a concept specific to people who do photoshop, so I should also have thought about implementations and spreading the joke over multiple panels to work laymen into it, but that would have taken three panels.

 One can assume someone will ignore a concept they don’t get, but there’s a distinct possibility something that occupies all the lateral space in a comic can choke a reader’s comprehension. (“Wait I have to get this or I’ll miss something later” kinda thing) I don’t think that’s quite as likely with a gag comic, but who knows what goes on in other people’s heads.

One advantage of being shadowbanned:  we can search for the Princess Highground tag and not have to worry about our own posts clogging it up.  Thanks tumblr! ^_^


Okay so the good news is that I’ve got another update ready for tomorrow as soon as it gets colored. But I’m posting this before going to work, and work is followed by sleep usually, and I sleep until late afternoon, so it’ll be late tomorrow.

 The bad news is that this new colored comic was the “free sketchy” comic I was going to make you guys earlier this week. I kept wanting to make it cleaner and crisper because my sketches really ain’t so great. But then it got inked, and my inks are simplistic and don’t cooperate with word bubbles so I have to add color or it’ll read like shit.

 The good news is that I’ll just draw you the free sketchy comic later. I also want to finish that pinup anyway.

when did shittywebcomics become repeating whatever /pol/ says webcomics

Literally like an hour after we posted pro-juden propaganda.

Good one anon. 8)

What is WITH the guys at slipshine? Can they just NOT make a porn comic where a woman isn’t sexually abusive? Their latest comic has a woman beating the shit out of a guy during BDSM sex while he calls out the safe word to no avail. In the BDSM community, that’s an ENORMOUS RED FLAG. But lol it’s cute n’ quirky because it’s a woman hurting a man rite

Are you referring to the Tamyra one?  I like her stuff actually, but I haven’t seen the whole comic.  I’ll refrain from commenting, though I don’t think you’re exactly wrong, “sex positive” usually means “masculinity is bad.”  But her porn usually doesn’t have anything against masculinity.  I dunno maybe it’s something else on slipshine.

Besides the safe word is just something to ignore as you keep going harder.  That’s the whole purpose of the safe word.

I can’t laugh at Dobson. I can’t even mock him. The entire hole he’s dug himself into is just another example of the terrible psychiatric care we have in America. Whenever I see his comic, I’m always drawn to the eyes of his self-insert bear; those depressing, desperate eyes. The Occulass comic really shows it the most, as well as the ever so subtly pouty lip he seems to subconsciously give himself. This guy doesn’t need a kick in the ass. He needs psych ward.

I’m pretty desensitized to the attitudes of these webcomic shitheads.

It’s just got to be absolutely bananas to even raise my blood pressure anymore.

I cannot stop masturbating furiously every day of my life lately. Feminists, manginas, and minorities are getting blown the fuck out left, right, and center, and there’s not a goddamned thing they can do to stop it. JUST LIKE THE RIVERS OF JIZZ FLOWING FROM MY MIGHTY OPPRESSION STICK. Plz keep leading us to the promised land, SWC.

We’re a pretty good blog I suppose! ^_^

So did you guys fuck Tenk in the ass like you always wanted? Or was it the other way around?

The reality is more boring, we just chat occasionally on skype or reblog each other’s tumblrs. :(

Have you seen this? Some chick is trying to rally people into taking Ello away from “techbros” and make it “less cis, less dude, less white, less het”: heatherquinnell wordpress com/2014/09/24/taking-ello/

Won’t work as long as white people still exist.

And white people will always exist and grow stronger and stronger because all the rest of these people distract themselves with meaningless frivolous activism, and false causes like feminism or Ferguson.

Tenk doesn’t like guns? What a fag. “I AM THE FUCKING SHORE PATROL” *slams pistol on table causing tenk to poop his capris*

We made Tenk a better person and a better artist.

Every artist and webcomic creator WANTS us as their friends, believe me.  There’s nothing better in this world than having us on your side.

Who’s the brown lady? I’ve seen her before but normally she’s got another woman’s face in her tits.

Not sure who you mean, was suspecting you mean Tenk’s wapanese tittymonster from his webcomic?  That’s Demya.  I only know her name because of all the porn I’ve been seeing of her lately. :(

Speaking of hugboxes, have you noticed the comments on that “BOOHOO I AM QUITTING COMMENTS FOREVER” from the fetishbear? Grade-A hugbox material there. Has he seriously gotten no trolls there yet, or is he filtering out anything that isn’t hugbox-worthy?

Kind of ironic that he allows comments on the “no more comments” post.  Seems like it would be defeating the purpose.

It is pretty embarrassing that dobson has a hugbox though, but it just goes to show what we’ve been saying all along:  if you can draw even poorly you will get a hugbox, because all anyone cares about is shiny cute art, they don’t care if it’s servicing an empty stupid story or what, as long as it has cute art you can get away with anything, because all the masses care about are shallow surface, and not substance.

Did Preston literally just say he was a “special case” when it came to hate comments? Jesus Christ even when they get called out on their shit these people have to label it “special” so they can try and stand out.

He wants to be the most oppressed.

Like no one ever was.

Does se go on /r9k/
We don’t read 4chan, haven’t read it in years.
Gunnerkrigg’s court is feminist comic?
I saw that too, but I don’t read the comic so I can’t say for sure if there’s any truth to that.
So, you guys talk and know a lot about good writing. Have you ever read a fictional horror story that really scared you? That kept you up at night? I haven’t since I was a kid and that doesn’t count because kids have automatic shitty quality judgement. Any ideas on how to write a genuinly scary story too? The medium of the written word just seems very unfit for it to me, but I could be a huge faget and be wrong about everything I guess.
I dunno, Summer of Night?  I don’t read much horror.  I’m ascarded too easily anyway, jump scares and startles and creepy pictures are all I need to start running.  Loud phone rings are enough to make my heart jolt.
Please help. I think I have a crush on Kate Leth. She stands for everything I despise in the world, but she’s so dang cute physically speaking.
Problem is with your eyeballs.
How anyone can look at that stupid “half shaved head rebellious grrl I’ll show you mom and dad” look and not bust out in peals of derisive laughter must be fucked in the head.
It’s psychosomatic.  You need a lobotomy.  I’ll get a saw.
Holy fuck Sargon’s latest video is a groundshaker
I could use a link, the name isn’t ringing a bell right now.

WOW that long submit about Gigi was disappointing.

I was saying how nice her comic was a month or two back, and now I think I mighta been wrong!

I mean, her comic’s still purdy and she has a better update schedule than most of the webcomicers out there. But I’m still disappointed.

One of you Mods posted something earlier about “wanting to be apart of something” when it came to understanding people… do you think all these popular webcomics makers are part of the SJW movement just because they WANT to belong to this third wave feminazi crap, or because they were part of a webcomics club to begin with and when one or two became SJW the rest fell in line, too?

Anyways here’s Gigi’s favorite character at her finest. Cheers

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