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A phenomenal fuck-ton of hip references.

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Asked by an adorable English tyke, “How did Spider-Man get his costume?”, Garfield replies, “He made it. He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it. … It’s kind of a feminine thing to do, but he really made a very masculine costume.”


Thankfully Emma Stone was on hand to challenge the idea that sewing is feminine, asking, “It’s feminine how?”

Because sewing was and remains a feminine preoccupation, you cocked-up bint. This is why English has on hand the word seamstress but not seamster. Because sewing was and is the legacy of women. Did you think quilting clubs are founded or predominantly manned by men? Or that “knitting circle” is a euphemism for sausagefest? Because, you know, men want to get their hands all over those crochet hooks?

Or are you a media slut, one of countless many, who thrives on attention by thrusting yourself into any and every opportunity for self-promotion that presents itself, gaping wide, for your forcible penetration?


Anonymous asked:

Watch out, Midnight Tea! Questioning Tatsuya "Final Solution" Ishida's incomparable genius might not sit well with his other sycoph-I mean fans, and may even get you banned. Nah, just kidding! Nobody ever gets banned in the Sinfest forums!



Anonymous asked:

you guys are always so negative. why can't you be positive for once and talk about some good comics like Jack, The Wotch, or Sluggy Freelance?

Jack is my favorite Coppola movie.

robotseckshau5-mod asked:

yo, shitco, whats the deal with princess highground? i always see you guys talk about it (aside from tats) but i never understood why you guys bash it. cheers!

I don’t know what this means.

Did you mean kate leth?  Because if you meant kate leth, then search our blog.

If you meant princess highground, then you have bigger problems than a search could solve.

se: cheers. how suave.

you are so fuckin suave.

thetenk asked:

i don't see why he feels the need to claim the princess highground porn is ACTUALLY KATE LETHH??!?!?!?!?! when you did actually post a whole shitton of porn with her dumb avatar pasted on. what's the need, silly anon?

Way to white knight for us, faggot.  YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK wait I’m sorry that was kind of uncalled for.

What I really want to know is why you haven’t done any princess highground porn yet.

Cool Mod: Yeah what’s your fucking problem man. Get with the program asshole you’re a very bad person.

I read the “Perversion” article, and my mind repeatedly went to the V for Vendetta. Moore is most certainly a master, but Lloyd’s artwork is shit. He’s fucked up some Hellblazer too. It’s not that the images aren’t pretty, it’s that they’re awful at conveying narrative. He so clearly prioritizes each panel’s look over the story, and thereby botches the flow of things because the reader has to constantly decipher the visual cues. I don’t understand why he’s even a comic artist. Just paint, bitch

I actually thought immediately of subnormality.  Walls of text that are just words words words, almost none of them need a visual, because they’re just “this person says this, then this other person says some more shit.”

HE HAS done a few comics that actually benefit from the visuals.  Like, maybe 5 comics.  Out of the hundred or so that he’s drawn.

Shitty art that doesn’t convey the story is another issue, although a related one.

Yeah, about that tag-team witch where God was in. Keep in mind that the lord was never tagged in by Shawn, thus meaning he was unable to actually fight McMahon. This makes the Sinfest comic even worse in comparision because in that situation God could simply slap Xanthe’s bitch-ass all the way to Saudi Arabia if he wanted to.

God’s going to sit this one out. 8(

In Japanese, the English loan word, feminist, means “A man who pampers women.” For once even the Japs know what’s up.

Fuckin zing and shit ova heea.

I hope Kate doesn’t get called out for being so binary in that list of tinder users!
That would break my fucking <3

Also, an app to attract a fuck partner features shirtless selfies? No fucking shit?

What am I an asshole ova heea?

How fucking dumb is Kate? She acts like it’s some new thing to sign into an app on a phone? Is her grandson showing her how to use tinder?

I don’t know she’s okay I guess.

What’s crazy about SJW going after Andrew Garfield is that Garfield has been a huge gay rights supporter, and has even supported the idea of a gay Spiderman. Alliances are very fragile in SJW-land.

As if there is any amount of cowering that’s good enough for them.

You guys want to know how gullible tumblr is? A blog called “facts-i-made-up” claimed lewis carol died from a “darkning” strike shortly before writing Alice in wonderland… and the ONLY reason people question the post is how he could have written the book after he died. Never mind everything else about the post, they buy all that stuff.

No stop you are making tumblr look bad.

"It’s okay when I do it, but if you do it you’re an evil piece of shit and I’ll make sure you never hear the fucking end of it." Social Justice in a nutshell.

You make them sound like hypocrites or something.  Why are you doing that?  You must have a personal vendetta against them.  A personal v for vendetta.

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